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We Need Each Other Day 2

· yougowego
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I'm finally starting to realize that communication is NOT valued as a skill for US. In my corporate job, I always worked on a technology projects with OTHER people. We learned to communicate effectively because our communication style was goal-oriented. Effective communication leads to ACTION. What action steps need to be taken to REACH the goal? That's why Wealth Building Series suits my communication style!!! I want clients to BELIEVE regardless of income that 1) they are already wealthy in GLOBAL terms 2) commit to ACTION steps that build generational wealth. What has taken me ALL this time to understand is that many people want to be an authority. I wouldn't understand that need because I have been placed (or I place myself) in leadership roles. NO ONE has to LISTEN to anyone else. I know this and USE this framework often. Change does not happen because ANYONE listened to me!! I have no need to say - I told you. TOLD YOU is not the result I am looking for. The goal is WEALTH. Wealth, in terms of believing that WE are already wealthy, comes for a MULTITUDE OF VOICES. That's why I NEED more people talking about financial products (investments, real estate, credit, insurance, banking, wills, marriage) like we gossip about each other. #needy #wealthmentality #wealthisaTEAMsport #networking