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All We Have Is All We Need Day 7

· yougowego
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Technology allows us to be resources to each other because technology brings together people who have wants with people would can fulfill their wants. Technology decreases human capital which lowers the costs of the intermediary and can pass cost savings to the consumer. Technology has been overtaking many logistical operations like Uber, Lyft, UPS,Postmates, Amazon Flex, Instacart, Doordash and my newest one - @Caviar. The worst intermediary for low-income folks are BANKS. According to ABC,…/banks-made-2331-billion-profits-20…, "The banking industry collectively made $233.1 billion in profits in 2019, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said Tuesday, the industry's second-most profitable year ever." The New York Times reports "Large U.S. banks took $11.68 billion in overdraft fees out of their customers’ accounts last year, even before the pandemic kicked off an economic crisis, according to research by the Center for Responsible Lending. Vulnerable people were by far the hardest hit: 9% of account holders paid 84% of the overdraft fees, according to the review, which focused on banks with assets of more than $1 billion. Those customers tended to carry low balances, averaging less than $350." according to…/business/banks-overdraft-fees.html. The social net in the United States says that those who can afford, pay the price and those who are less fortunate get the same services at discounted rates - see food (through SNAP), cell phones, cell phone plans, internet services, water, gas, electric, housing (through section 8) BUT NOT BANKS. That is why check cashing and "non-traditional" banking are popular alternatives. Banks are happily devouring financial resources from those LEAST likely to afford them. In the U.S., in order to play the $$$ game, the player MUST have financial skin in the game. These are the problems technology (and technologists like me) get to solve! Did you know about the online bank which offers NO overdraft fees (up to $50.00) Read about other online banking alternatives at #challengeACCEPTED For me, teaching Financial Literacy is teaching technology to problem solve! #wealthmentality #WECANDOTHIS #problemsolving #PovertyisaWELLTHOUGHTdesign #breakthesystem