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We Need Each Other Day 1

· yougowego
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Society likes to categorize people financially into 3 buckets POOR (even if they are NOT), middle class and wealthy. 

  • Poor people are shown how to work the welfare system to benefit  their families.
  • Middle class people are shown how to get good grades, go to college and work in corporate America to benefit their families. 
  • Wealthy people are shown how to protect their assets through the tax code and get others (poor and middle class) to work for them. 

In my life (and in yours), I NEED all types of people. The tests of life ask people to navigate different financial circumstances. One minute someone is middle class then the lay off happens and they are poor. One minute someone is wealthy from the stock market, next minute a stock market depression happens to make them poor. LIFE is change. When I was financially challenged 5 years ago, I didn't have the INFORMATION to gain access to benefits for disabled children. I remind myself NOT to cry over spilled milk but the milk amounted to $48,000. That's not a tablespoon of milk but a few GALLONS! This is how I watch us LOSE more money than we make. We have to learn that WEALTH is communal and those financial categories are NONSENSE. 

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