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We Need Each Other Day 3

· yougowego
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Is on Day 3 of "WE NEED EACH OTHER" Campaign. Many times perception does not reflect reality. That's why self-reflection is an important thinking muscle. When it comes to $$$$, I prefer to make logical decisions. My negative attitude towards men was driven by deep subconscious RAW emotion. I LOVE the men while still hating the relationship. All my mentors have been MEN. Information Technology is a male dominated field. Islam made me work through my emotions to understand ME! Self-reflection is to understand yourself and why certain people/situations trigger the worst/best in yourself. When I understood, certain men just expect women to "listen/support/do" what they say, I made it my personal mission to NOT be that type of woman. The last few years, I have finally found my equilibrium. I appreciate the men who appreciate the way I THINK. MEN help us generate communal wealth. #weneedeachother #wealthmentality #wecanDOthis