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We Need Each Other Day 5

· yougowego
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Is on Day 5 of the "WE NEED EACH OTHER" Campaign. The past few days, I have described different groups (men, women, information). Today, I can start to break down the WHY. In general, people search for financial wealth for RESPECT from other people. Capitalism is marketed by the slogan - Money. Power. Respect. Which means people without money are not respected. That's the sad part of this conversation. Our slave mentality allows us to justify mistreatment by saying "such and such" is a criminal, "such and such" is poor, "such and such" is a sinner, "such and such" is black. AND!!!!!!!!! People are looking to justify disrespect. My confidence, instilled by my parents, means I don't need money to FEEL worthy. That is the mission for everyone in the Wealth Building Series. My brothers and sisters in Islam showed me how to get things without using $$$$. Islam is a culture of sharing that allowed me to SEE the waste made by the culture of individualism that we call "The American Way"  #wealthmentality #healthyrelationshipsmatter #wecanDOthis #happyplace #reflections