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Financial Literacy Month Day 14 - Sacrifice

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is sharing Financial Literacy Month Day 14 - Be willing to Sacrifice. I like to learn. A few years ago, Tonya Ladipo ran a great Superwoman workshop. She said "You can have everything, just not at the SAME time". I can have the business, the marriage and raise my children but there must be an ORDER of operations. The order of my chosen religion is "G-d, Family, then Work" My mother did not sacrifice me to the prison system so I learned that I can NOT sacrifice my boys to the school to prison pipeline. I understood from

Robert Kiyosaki's Cash Flow Quadrant  that the Qadr (divine destiny) was moving my family into the INVESTOR quadrant. I sacrificed my business for my children's spiritual, financial AND emotional education so they could REINVEST their assets in the NEW economy (and new community). What was a SACRIFICE was actually an INVESTMENT. A mentor once said, "We are not bad mothers, we just are not able to be there". In order to change our community, MORE mothers (and fathers) must stand up (SACRIFICE) to decide that the school to prison pipeline for urban youth is UNACCEPTABLE. #restorativejustice #thereareOTHERWAYS #findingmyPEACE #fightbyORGANIZING